So you want to be a CRNA? Great! Why? That is an important question you need to answer and keep in mind from now until you get an interview with a program. If you are lucky (lucky is a terrible word, if you do everything right, you won’t need luck) to get an interview, then you will need to be able to answer this question backwards and forwards. And most likely, over and over again.

Why read on? I would like to think I know a thing or two about getting into programs. I applied to seven programs and got accepted to six (full disclosure, I didn’t take the 7th interview as I already knew where I was going by the time that one came around). I have also written letters of recommendations for current students and some who have since graduated. I have given advice to multiple nurses and nursing students who went on and are currently in programs or have graduated. I have a few other aces up my sleeve, but to keep anonymity (for now), I won’t reveal what those are. Let’s just say they give me a pretty good insight.

The goal of this blog is making you a better applicant and offer advice on navigating the interview process. Why? Well, I have learned that paying it forward has its own rewards. I am a sucker for seeing other people succeed. I get asked on a regular basis what it took to get it done. Most of the information I can provide will be common sense. Some will not. I am hoping to create a community of like-minded people with a common goal. The best way to move forward and provide the information you need is to ask me specific questions.


One thing I will not do is give you specific questions I was asked in my interviews. That is unethical (plus there are plenty of forums that provide that information). What I will do is help you understand how questions are asked, and therefore, how to think about the information you already know. People on interview panels are not stupid. They also know what information is out there. So, chances are they will not be asking you the exact questions you found online. We will talk about this further in depth in its own section, but let’s just say it is best to understand how to answer a question than the question itself.

Email me questions and feedback here and I will get to them as soon as possible.